Cliff Richard «Evergreen tree». ТЕКСТ ПЕСНИ

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Слова: Gold W./Schroeder A.
Музыка: Gold W./Schroeder A.
© Первое музыкальное Издательство
Oh darling will our love be like
An evergreen tree
Stay evergreen and young
As the seasons go your kisses
Could make love grow
Like an evergreen tree

Blue moon the summer sun
And the winter snow on every branch
Will blossom dreams for me
And you our tree of love
Will stay evergreen for our heart stay
Ever true oh darling

I love you don't you know
That I'll be true 'till the leaves
Turn blue on the evergreen tree

On every branch will blossom
Dreams for me and you
Our tree of love will stay evergreen
For our heart stay ever true oh darling

I love youso don't you know that
I'll be

True until the leavesturn blue

On the evergreen tree
On the evergreen tree
On the evergreen tree
Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard

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